Germany’s unique geographical location and diversified economy offers many opportunities to business people from different parts of the world. As such, Inimex Inc. (International Immigration Experts) is a group of specialists who understands the many layers of German immigration procedures. Competent lawyers, real estate agents, translators, financial advisors, and other specialists allow Inimex Inc. to dispense high-level professional services.


1. Individuals looking to start a company and work for such company may apply for a residence permit under section 21(1) or (2) of the German Residence Act,
2. Hold a valid travel document (i.e. passport),
3. Demonstrate added economic value of the enterprise, creation of jobs (although no minimum is set), as assessed by the pertinent government authorities,
4. Provide bank certificate attesting to availability and origins of funds,

In order to receive an unlimited settlement permit and long-term residence permit:
1. Still adhere to the conditions required for immigration as stated above,
2. Be able to provide for yourself and your family,
3. Meet further conditions as applicable to your situation.


Please note that the sole fact of being established in Germany as an entrepreneur does not automatically lead to German citizenship.
1. Have lived legally and continuously in Germany for eight (8) years,
2. Be able to speak, read and write German,
3. Renounce your current nationality.

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