Inimex Inc. benefits from a complete support structure in Belgium, which stands out thanks to its professionalism and its efficiency. Our partners allow us to simplify your application for immigration in Belgium as much as possible.


Entrepreneurs can establish a private limited liability company(LLC) in Belgium, which is the only type of company that a sole individual can establish.z
Summary of requirements:
1. A minimum investment of €18 550, of which €6 200 will be put aside in an account for the LLC,
2. Obtain a work visa and, afterwards, an unlimited residence permit,
3. Once established in Belgium as an entrepreneur, Inimex Inc. will help you obtain a residence permit, which is renewable.
We also offer professional services to your company, such as accounting, auditing, etc.


For individuals with sufficient means of subsistence, Inimex Inc. can prepare all the applications and documentation required for you to obtain an immigration visa and a residence permit from the local administration where they have chosen to reside in Belgium (annex 16).
Please note that such individuals must prove sufficient means of subsistence via bank statements and other financial documents, purchase private health insurance (approved in Belgium) and supply a medical certificate.


For individuals wishing to get a long-term resident status and who are authorized to live in Belgium, the following conditions must be met:
1. Fill-out and submit the application (Annex 16);
2. Have resided uninterruptedly in Belgium for at least five years,
3. Have been issued an unlimited residence permit,
4. Show sufficient means of subsistence without needing to resort to social programs;
5. Purchase private health insurance (approved in Belgium) and supply a medical certificate.
Individuals already living in Belgium who have residence status in another country of the European Union must submit their application to the local administration where they are currently residing and meet the conditions stated above (nos. 2 to 5)


1. Have lived in Belgium continuously for at least five (5) years,
2. Have an unlimited residence permit,
3. Prove sufficient knowledge of one of the three official languages (German, Ducth, French)
4. Participate in the social and economic life of your community,
5. Written reasons for requesting citizenship for exceptional merit (doctorate, sports, significant socio-economic contribution).

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